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Michelle has customized workshops for groups as small as 5 people and as many as 500 ranging in time frames from 1 hour to 5 days of intensive training. 

Michelle has worked with groups of clients, MFTs, social workers, nurses, doctors, Child Life Specialists (CLS), teachers, Police, Firefighters, First Responders, Organ and Tissue Donation organizations (OPOs), healthcare teams, non-profit and for-profit small and medium sized businesses.  She is also honored to have trained, clinically supervised, and helped develop the careers of over 15 graduate students from Pepperdine and UCLA placed in practicum or internships with her since 2008. 

Michelle has Key Noted for many small and large conferences/events providing inspirational talks for participants.   To highlight a few:


“Working with Grief Personally and Professionally” (for business, educational, and healthcare industries)

“What have you done for YOU lately” and “Healing the Heart of the Critical Care Worker” (Stress Management, Self-Care, Combating Compassion Fatigue, for caregivers/ healthcare professionals.)

“From Toxic Waste to Team Building” (Team Building and Leadership Development workshop)

“Using Creativity to Heal” (Experiential workshop for clients or caregivers)

“Unlock the Secret Code to Problem Management: Biofeedback and Relaxation Training.”

“The Forgotten Grievers: How to help grieving children and teens”

“Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos – Cultural Diversity in Grief and Loss & cultural sensitivity for the caregivers


Michelle has composed a variety of research and articles, for example: First Time Parenthood; Surviving the Holidays; Summertime Memories; Society’s View of Racism and the Effects on Interracial Couples. See resources tab for PDF examples

Michelle's specialties for training and continued education include:

Career Development: Finding your life’s purpose/your passion

Communication Skills

Compassion fatigue

Crisis Management

Grief & Loss in the workplace or downsizing.

Group Facilitation Skills

Leadership Development

Life Transitions

Myers Briggs Personality Inventory

Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation

Personal Growth

Practitioner’s decay

Stress Management

Team Work & Team Building


Trust Building

Values assessment

Vicarious Trauma – healthcare workers, etc

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Tel: (310) 927-5611
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Michelle's main office is in West Los Angeles. At times, hospital or house visits are possible when circumstances warrant it. Evening appointments are available.
For consultation and training, Michelle is available to travel locally, nationally, and internationally depending on your budget.

Herman Hesse: “I can give you nothing that had not already its origins with in yourself.
I can throw open no picture gallery but your own. I can help to make your own world visible.
That is all.”

When you work with Michelle Post, LMFT, you can expect:

1. Humor when the time is right. Laughter is the best medicine. Client quotes:
“I’m so glad Michelle is normal” (nurse) or “Thanks for being cool!” (teen) or “her style is
humorous and informed” (workshop attendee) . Having a sense of humor about self and life,
brings some lightheartedness to the heartfelt work of psychotherapy.

2. Goals & Respect. A therapist is a guide who will walk with you on your journey, assisting
you in accomplishing your goals. Therapy goals are set together, and respect for your
journey is vital because ultimately you determine the outcome.

3. Customized services. Each client is different in personality, preferences, relationships
and goals. Michelle has over 13 years of experience working with children and teens 3 to 18,
young adults facing college and career choices, adults in mid-life or in their senior years,
and businesses. What works for 4, 18, or 72 year old clients or a small verses large
business is very different. Therefore, your services are customized based on your needs
and wants, your age and stage in life, your challenges and comfort level.

4. Professionalism, Integrity & Experience. Michelle’s credentials are available on the about Michelle page.

5. Confidentiality. Marriage and Family Therapists are bound by a legal and ethical code
not to release any of your information or the things you discuss with anyone else without
your written consent. Even the youngest of clients will reveal more and benefit more from
therapy when they know their privacy will be kept.

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy = more effective and longer lasting results than medication

2. Art Therapy or Creative Techniques activate the same part of the brain on CT Scans that
is activated when the body is healing. These techniques begin to restore the mind-bod
connection and help heal.

3. Stress has been linked to numerous health problems: high blood pressure, heart disease,
back pain, ulcers, gastro-intestinal problems and more.

4. Presenteeism is when you or your staff go to work but are not truly engaged,
motivated, or cognitively present. It causes as much or more loss of profits and/or costly
mistakes as losses from absenteeism. Michelle's interventions build intrinsic motivation
and team-centered success.

5. Changes in family or work life such as entrances and exits (for example, marriages,
births, graduations, moving, job changes/reorganizations, divorces, deaths, etc.) are times
when individuals or businesses are in high stress.

Michelle's services can help you through challenges in your life or business